I have been creating from since I can remember. All started with drawing ('93) and once my parents saw my abilities they put me into art classes. Have had the pleasure of working with traditional mediums such as pencil, charcoal, pastel, inking, painting (since '99). Digital art was the next step ('01) and within a few years ('05) I started screen printing. My family is very crafty and skilled in many different trades. This sparked the path of screen printing instead of paying someone to do something I can learn myself.  

Less than 2 weeks after graduating High School, I started attending the Art Institute of Orange County for Advertising. The curriculum was based off Graphic Design, Multimedia, Photography, & Advertising. Graduated within 3 years.

Creating has always been in my blood. I put in time and hard work into EERIE: A brand that was started out of love for the word and how it describes me & my work. Now over the years it has been something to screen print on shirts and subject for designing. In 2011, put everything together and decided to hit it hard. Gave myself a 5 year plan and what a rollercoaster it was as social networking started shaping how we think and interact with people. 

For all my professional work and great brands I have had the pleasure to work with, check out my resume with descriptions of my roles and the responsibilities they entailed.